Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Novi Memorial Day Run 10K - Review

Date: 05/27/2013
Route:  Novi Memorial Day 10K
Distance: 6.2 miles
Total Time: 1:07:22
Pace 10:52/Mile
Temp: 60 and Partly Sunny

First race of the year! I decided to start this year with a low key local run. Usually I start with the Corktown Races, but because I started my season so late this year, I pushed back to this 10k to kick of the year. I was quite nervous heading over to the race, as it had been over 7 months since my last race.

Check in was nice and simple, just a table with some volunteers. Unfortunately, the race shirt was not a shirt at all, but a tank top. I don't really mesh well with tank tops, being the massive individual that I am. I end up looking not to pretty, plus who wants to end up looking like this guy:

One of the neatest parts of this event was the elite mile. In order to even be able to ruin this you had to submit an entry under 6 minutes for men and 7 minutes for women. They ran this before they even let the 10K runners go out. It is amazing to see real athletes sprinting, you can tell that some of them were literally born for this. The guy who won ran the mile in 4:12. We were chatting afterwards, and he said the best he ever ran was a 4:04 in college. This inspired me to do some research. This guy, just a local runner from the Detroit area, would have been the world record holder in the mile in 1942. To me that is insane. It is an amazing example of how far we have come in the science of nutrition, training and equipment. Of course, then the mile winner trotted up to the front of the 10k start, and ended up running a 6:30 pace for the 10k AFTER running that mile.

As I mentioned before, I was nervous, and it turned out that this was a pretty small race. In small races, I tend to get lonely, because most of the runners are ahead of me. I definitely run better when there are people around me. my goal was modest, the run under 12 minutes a mile. First race in 7 months for a 270 lb person here people, what did you expect. We took off and it was a slight uphill for about the first half mile. I settled into a pace that was a bit faster then I wanted, but felt good. 

The course was basically a neighborhood course, winding through the exurb that is Novi. If you even want a run that shows off the late nineties and early aughts obsession with McMansions, this is the run for you.  While it was mostly peaceful, we did have to dodge a few errant cars trying to make there way out of their subdivisions. 

I settled in with a group of three others for the first two miles, ticking off those at way under goal pace. I decided to bridle it back in mile three, hoping to save something for the last mile. My splits were good, I even got a negative split out of mile 4. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

The last mile was a nice straight away with a slightly downhill tilt, so that was nice. I ended up finishing up under 11 per mile, 10:52 to be exact. It was only after downloading the run to my Garmin software that I realized that I was only off my best ever 10k, the Martian last year, by 14 seconds a mile. I am actually quite pleased. 

Overall, i would recommend this run to anyone in the northwest burbs. Good organization, a relatively small field and a pretty good course make this run a winner. It is going on the schedule for next year.

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