Monday, February 6, 2012

Treadmills…Yuck! Treadmills…Yeah!

I think hardcore runners despise treadmills. It is so EASY to assume the attitude that YOU (awesome runner person), are above the lowly treadmill. Treadmills are for the unwashed masses. Treadmills are what the flabby office jockey hits up for 10 minutes, boosting his ego and letting him eat another bag of Doritos.  The serious runner, well he runs, outside, in the elements. 60 minutes, the maximum time the gym overloads let someone use a treadmill, while adequate for the 5k trainee, hardly handles half of a real runner’s race distance. 

I was recently reminded why none of this is true.

I had gone quite a few months without a gym membership, but running at night has become difficult lately because there is a chance that there are icy patches I would not see. The idea of wiping out and breaking an ankle 3 miles from home was not a good one. For safety sake, I relented and signed up with Planet Fitness in Northville, for $10 a month.

 This has already made a huge difference with my running, allowing me to train more consistently at night, without the risk of a debilitating slip and fall accident. I also get the added benefit of being able to do some strength training and getting some entertainment in. I mean who does not want to watch a Gold Rush marathon on Discovery while running 7 miles?

So I have dropped my disdainful attitude regarding the treadmill. I still much prefer to run outside, in the fresh air, feeling the terrain under my shoes, but I have learned to appreciate what the treadmill offers. What about you, are you a treadmill snob, or a loyal user?

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  1. I agree with your take on the t-mill: I think it can meet a vital need for runners, which is the opportunity to run despite what Mother Nature is dishing out. I've been a bit worried about having an accident while running outside at night too. Many streets are poorly lit around here. Add some uneven sidewalk and a twisted ankle or banged-up knee feels all too likely to happen...