Monday, April 30, 2012

Nom Nom Nom

One of the highlights of the Martian 10K for me was the chocolate milk after the race. It got me thinking about the way food has evolved as part of the race event. A couple of years ago, it was not uncommon for their to be no provided food after a race. If there was anything it was a:

Now it seems that we are presented with the following at every race:

In recent races,  I have been given free GU on the run, eaten pizza and drank free beer afterwards, and also been given bagels, cookies, bananas, muffins and M & M's. It seems that there has been a food cold war between races lately, as the post-race spread gets more and more elaborate. While this is great in the moments after a run, I don;t want race prices skyrocketing just so we can have a NY strip after the race. Pretty soon races will be $100 and we will get a jacket, a gold belt buckle, a medal, steak after the run, and a 30 minute massage the next week. Sometimes you just want to go out and run.

So readers, a few food related questions:

1. What do you like to eat after a race?
2. Are you excited for the trend in post-race food, or do you like to bring your own food.


  1. I'm still for the bananas, James. I'd join the chocolate milk drinkers but it's often sweetened with HFCS, which makes me sneeze. I think I ate a very good oatmeal cookie after last year's Big House, Big Heart, but I can't be certain. It's been a minor tradition to go out for breakfast after a race. I do hope no one takes up your suggestion regarding race pricing and freebies. The pricing of this year's obstacle/fantasy runs can only serve as encouragement!

    Finally, speaking of BHBH: in the first mile of this year's event, Don and I were running near a fellow who stated out loud that he'd finish strong because he had champagne waiting in the car. I questioned his selection (I asked if it were being warmed; I only wanted a dry towel, and this with less than ten minutes on the race clock.) He replied that he'd be making Mimosas for his friends. Perhaps I've been going about this in the wrong way... ;-)

  2. I know what you mean - Super Bowl 5K had quite a spread! Personally, I'm not really hungry after a race, so it really doesn't matter. The chocolate milk at the end of Martian is by far my favorite, it really hit the spot!

    1. I have actually started making my own chocolate milk after my long runs. It is amazing to gulp down a really cold glass after 8 miles.

  3. My idea of post-race 'celebration' is to grab a water and get the f- outta there! I'm too tried to try to look cool and run around grabbing this and that. I don't find the need for it. Give me something small and filling (bagel, water, banana) and I'm collecting my co-runners and leaving.

  4. I'm with Donnie Bob.......gimme a water or Gatorade and I'm on my way!