Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Extra Protein Makes You Fast

Date: 09/27/2011
Distance: 4.01 miles
Pace: 9:45/mile
Route: Hines Park 4 Miler
Song that got me started: "It Is Well" by Kutless
Song that got me through the wall: "Get a Grip" by Aerosmith
Song that brought me home: "Conch and Flute Air'" by Song of the Lakes

Personal Note: Rocked an amazing first mile in 8:51. This would be my first sub nine minute mile in about...forever.  Also note I was a little tired later in the run and my time suffered, but man I felt fast that first mile. Regularly scheduled blog post below.

After my nice Chicago interlude, it was great to be back on familiar territory, Hines Park.. One thing has changed on this route however is that I am now finishing in darkness. Accordingly, I am rocking a nice LED headlamp to get me through the darkness.

This lamp has several advantages, the biggest ones being that other people can see me and I don't run into trees. Along with that comes the downside that apparently you are a giant pulsating target for any and all bugs on the trail. I try to imagine what they see. First is a giant attractive light bouncing down the trail, then the massive amount of carbon dioxide my body is putting out hits their radar. It is like a kamikaze attack. I don't stand a chance. Right about mile 3 of this run, I run though some woods on the connecting trail between Hines Drive and Ann Arbor Trail. Hey look, it is a map. Check out the trail that runs just to the right of I-275. Yup, this is where JD becomes the all you can eat buffet.

So it is inevitable that some of these nice crunchies end up in my mouth. Tasty, I know. I figure I am getting some free run protein, I mean it is literally their loss, so I am OK with it. I might have to get some goggles if I am going to keep running this route at night.

In a completely separate line of thought, I am running in a 5K this weekend called the Jamesers 5K. This race is in memory of James Perez, whose parents we knew personally. The race benefits Kaleidoscope Kids, a hospice service for teens and younger children. During this run today, I was thinking about this coming race, and how my daughter CE  and The Wife will be there to see me at the finish. Truly what a blessing it is to be a father and husband


  1. This might be a little late, but I hope your 5K went well!

    And the bugs should start to die down as the weather gets colder, no? I don't think you'll have this problem in November.

  2. 5K went GREAT, post about it soon. Yes, they should be less and less of an issue, but that just means it is getting cold.