Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Bit of a Reach

In my last post, a review of the Detroit Half Marathon, I said that I would be thinking about some goals for running in 2012. I think it is good to have goals, and since I have spent weay to many hours in corporate business planning meetings, I will use the S.M.A.R.T. plan for my 2012 goals. Yup, we are going there. In case you did not know, check out the idea here. Here is what each letter means:

S - Specific. It is much easier to fudge your progress on a goal when it is broad and general. Narrow it down and you can really guage progress.

M - Measurable. No fuzzy pseudo-goals here. Everyone loves goals they can measure. Rosiecat loves it even more cause she is a bon-a-fide scientist. .

A: Attainable. Ok, so I will not be qualifying for the Olympics this year, sorry to disappoint.

R - Realistic. Again, climbing Everest is probably not going to happen.

T - Time Framed - Goals must have a set beginning and an end.

So under this system there can be no fuzzy goals, so in fine JD tradition I will start with two totally fuzzy goals:

1. Have Fun. If I am not doing this and having a good time, then it is all not worth anything
2. Balance running with family. I love The Wife and CE too much to let them not get the attention they deserve.

Ok, now to the goals that follow the S.M.A.R.T. plan

1. Run a 5k in under 9 minutes a mile
   - My fastest 5K this year was the Jamsers 5k @ 9:16 a mile. I rate this goal as highly doable.

2. Run a 10k in under 10 minutes a mile
   - My fastest 10k this year was the Solstice 10k @ 11:09 a mile. I rate this goal as likely.

3. Run a half marathon in under 11 minutes a mile
   - My only half this year was Detroit, which I ran in 11:29 per mile. This is going to be a stretch.

4. Run at least 3 trail runs
   -I only ran 1 in 2011, and I sucked at it, so I just want ot get more of these under my belt.
   - I am also thinking about running one of those crazy obstacle course races in 2013, so good training.

5. Run at least 3 half marathons
   - I am currently scheduled for 2, RockCF in April and Detroit in October....lots of space in the middle.

6. Upkeep this running blog, shooting for two posts a week.

7. Sprint a mile in under 8 minutes.
   - I don't have any record of this, last time I knew I did it was in HS.

So those are my 2012 running goals. As the author I reserve the right to completely change and or add ot these goals. Anyone out there have any 2012 running goals? Of course I welcome thoughts and reactions to mine as well.



  1. Ha! It's true: I love to measure things. Data, data, data...but remember what Alfred Kinsey said: love can't be measured. I think you are wise to put the family in your fuzzy goal list.

    But as for running, wow, this is an ambitious list! I like it. Three half-marathons in one year seems like a lot to me, but you're right that you have plenty of time in the summer to run a good race. You could do Chicago in August...

    I too have been thinking about 10Ks--I've never run one, and I'd really like to try it. It's a nice distance: too long to run as hard you as would a 5K, but short enough that you could do some speedwork and see gratifying improvements in your 10K race time.

    I wonder if we could run a 5K together in the fall? Or 10K? Thoughts?

  2. I would love to run a race with you! Of course, it would probably be me chasing you.... Just let me know the dates you are planning on being around and I will get on the hunt for a 10k. You really need to come run the Detroit Half....definitely worth a plane ticket! Or we could both go to Chicago.