Thursday, March 8, 2012

Down and Dirty

Last night I ran a mile in 8:35. For most serious runners, this is slow, but for me it is pretty amazing. As a bonus it was outside, in the amazing 65 degree weather. So kudos on that.

Recently I received a race mailer, which I am sure all you runners out there are used to being bombarded with. This one was for the "Down and Dirty" Merrell Mud Run 10K. I have been wanting to try out one of these obstacle course races for a while, but they are always too far away. The Tough Mudder for Detroit, for expample, is acually between Toledo and Cleveland, not exacly a quick car ride away. This one however, is being held at Kensington Metro Park in Milford, so it is not far away.

Here is a pic from their website, looks fun right:

Here is the course info:

What do you think? Should I give it a go?


  1. Wha? I had no idea about this one...hmmmm...need to do some research...let me get back to you on this one...

  2. Okay so far it's $50 for the 5K and $60 for the 10K until June something or other and the price of course goes up...If only these runs could be a little cheaper...$40 and $50??? I guess you need to jump in early or pay the any rate I have put this on the calendar so we'll see if I can pony up the cash by June for this...if so I will post up on FB or email you should you want to join in the fun.