Monday, March 5, 2012

Hot and Cold

Date: 02/26/2012
Route: Hines Park 9 Miler
Distance: 9 Miles
Pace: 10:22/mile
Temp: 36 Degrees
Wind Chill of 24 degrees

One month to go. The official half marathon countdown has begun! With the Rock CF Half Marathon exactly 1 month away, training has gotten hot and heavy as of late. 9 miles was planned today, and 9 miles were completed with no problems, even a little faster then I thought I would. Next weekend will probably be the same and then I have the Corktown Races 5K, always my first race of the year and always a blast. My semi-official goal is to match my best 5k time from last year at my first 5k this year. Then it is the long run and the race.

This is by far the most aggressive running schedule I have ever had. I have never run more then 1 half in a year, and this year I have three scheduled. Usually I have a nice long slow ramp up to the Detroit Half in October; instead this year my second race is a half. Needless to say I am excited and a little anxious.

My real problem running lately has been temperature. It seems to be too warm for my snazzy NbX Windblocker, but too cold to run in my standard pullover. This results in a true paradox. If I run with the NbX jacket, I start off fine, but get too warm in about 2 miles, however if I run in the pullover I never quite get warm enough. I will be excited when the temp starts hanging out in the low to mid 40’s because that is perfect pullover weather. My luck we will jump right to the 60’s, which I guess is not something to realy complain about. Here is a nice snazzy pic from this 9 mile run:


  1. Whee, good luck with this month's races! You've got a great schedule lined up. And believe me, even in Texas, I have similar temperature problems. The run always seems to start off too cold to wear the right clothes for the post-warm-up run. Harumph--such is winter, I suppose!

  2. Well there was no dilemma tonight, 65 degrees at run time, positively Texas like!