Sunday, January 8, 2012

Warm Weather and A Wife on the Run

Date: 01/08/2012
Route:  8 Miles through Hines Park
Distance: 8 Miles
Pace: 10:28/mile
Total Time: 1:23:45
Temp: 35, Sunny

It has been a pretty great week for physical activity around the JD household. The amazingly warm weather around  Detroit continued throughout last week, with Jan 6th coming in at 55! degrees, and highs in the 40's for most of the week. I have taken advantage of this by having a great running week. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday, 3.1 on Friday and 8 today. I figure I better take advantage of this weather while it lasts. While it has been warm, I am counting on a harsh late winter and and spring.

Something else strange happened on Saturday afternoon. The Wife occasionally goes out for a short jog, just to get some physical exercise in. She has NEVER been serious about running or even worrying about how fast she goes. So off she goes on one of these short runs, but in this case we strapped the Garmin 405 to her wrist. I was taking care of CE and starting to get a little bit concerned, as The Wife had been gone over 30 minutes. We are watching out the window, and all of the sudden she appears running down the street, and then she runs right by the house. Now this does not make any sense to me, but she does a lap around the block and comes into the house with a huge grin on her face.

It turns out she ran a 5K. She did not set out to do that, but as she hit milestones, she just kept thinking, "I can do a bit more." I always knew she could run that kind of distance if she wanted to, in fact I am sure she could be faster then me if she wanted to. Trust me, she is built much more like the prototypical runner then myself. If she keeps this up, we can be one of those annoying couples running together with CE in the stroller:

Our Future...HA!

I am hoping to get her into a 5K race this summer, as we all know, once you are in a race, there is no turning back. I was just glad to see how excited she was, running is a passion of mine, and I would love ot be able to share it with her.

Coming later this week, I am going to review a book I recently read, "Ultra Marathon Man" by Dean Karnazes. My preview is simply one word...Wow.


  1. Okay, that's really ridiculous that The Wife ran a 5K on a whim. I'm pretty sure most of us could NOT do that without a bit of running under our feet already...but go, A, go! What a great story!

    JD, I saw you've got a 10K in mind in June, the Solstice 10K? There is a possibility that I will be in town in late June, after Lydia is out of school for the summer. And I really want to run a 10K! If you're interested, it would be really fun to run that race with you. I'll keep you posted on my travel plans :-)

  2. One more thing: I hope 2012 is your best year yet, in running and in life.

  3. RA, JD didn't mention that I was dirt slow. Also, I did walk about .10 mile after being chased by a dog and having to hide out in some guy's garage. Still, I was pleased . . . it wasn't as hard as I expected! AMPD

  4. RA,
    Of course, I would love to do a 10K together. That is a great course that goes all through Northville, MI. It is also great because it ends in a nice park in town and there is a great expo afterwards. I think The Wife and CE will be waiting at the end, it is what we did last year, so that is a definite bonus.

    AMPD (The Wife). Don't be to down on yourself for speed, I bet less then 25% of the population of the US could even jog a 5k without mandatory stops. You need ot just accept the fact that hidden inside of you is an elite athlete :).