Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter....Finally or NBx Windblocker Jacket Review

Date: 01/15/2012
Route:   Hines Park 4 Miler
Distance: 4 Miles
Pace: 10:52/mile
Total Time: 43:29
Temp: 22 with a wind chill of 13

So alas, La Nina, or global warming, or some funky thing with the jet stream could not keep winter away forever, and we finally have seen some traditional winter weather around metro Detroit. Sunday dawned cold and clear, with some leftover snow in the ground from some Saturday light snow showers. I was eager to get out and try a run in the colder weather with my snazzy New Balance NBx Windblocker Jacket.

I ended up getting a later start then expected because...well...things happen when you have a 19month old. So I left the house at about 4:45pm all bundled up against the cold. My first reaction with the new jacket on was WOW, this thing lives up to it's name. The jacket shed wind like it was not there. As I started to warm up the jacket became this warm, cozy shell against the elements, I could tell I was getting nice and toasty. This was actually refreshing, and I believe it helped me warm up faster. The thumb holes on the jacket were also excellent, allowing me to keep most of my hand inside the sleeve. The fit is nice as well, I would say cut athletically without trying to be a second skin. This was important to be as a big guy with broad shoulders. I do not like wearing skin tight clothes! This jacket allows freedom of movement while still keeping close to your body. Due to the fact that this jacket has more pockets then I can count, I was able to take along my cell phone, so a I got this beautiful pic just after mile 1 of the sun going down over a crest above the park.

So I continued along me way, continually on the look out for icy patches. Mostly everything was just covered in a nice 1/2" thick coating of nice crunchy snow, so I did not encounter any footing issues. I was definitely running slower then normal, as I was running in a more upright stance to avoid the chance of slipping. I did see some YakTrax tracks in the snow, (Raquelita over at Running Historian talks about these more, as she actually own them.) which made me think they would not be a bad idea if I want to run in the park all winter. By the way it makes no sense to say out load "YakTrax tracks," it just messes with your head.

The run was definitely enjoyable, I actually find cold weather running to be quite refreshing. The new jacket exceeded expectations, and I would give it a hearty thumbs up for anyone looking for cold weather running gear. Soon time will come to start gearing up the distance for the half marathon I have planned in March.

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