Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Mule

Date: 12/01/11
Route:  Library Loop
Distance: 2.5 Miles
Pace: 10:05/Mile
Running Temp: 34, Wind 7mph, Wind Chill of 28.

So The Wife calls me at work, as usual (no milk requests here), and we suddenly remember that we have something past due at the library. I am pretty sure we always have SOMETHING past due at the library, we get special perks because of the amount of fines we pay, just kidding,.....kind of.  I also was planning on running, so in The Wife's infinite wisdom she suggested I run to the library and return the item in question. The obviousness of this idea hits me snack in the mid brain, The Wife is VERY smart. I get be a mule!

While CE is getting read books before bed, I get all ready for my run. For my Southern friends, please note that I am wearing shorts in the picture below. That is accurate, I really don't wear running pants until it gets BELOW freezing. Last I checked 34 degrees is over freezing, so shorts it was.I did put on gloves before running, but other then that, the picture below reflects accurately what I wore on the run.

Yes, that is CE wondering why the heck Dad is disrupting the night time routine to get his picture taken. 

So I put the overdue item in the bag, sling it on my back and jog on over to the Plymouth Library downtown.While I get some funny looks walking around the library, the trip is a resounding success. Not only did I drop off the item in question, I also obtained 3 new items:

1."One Kind Favor" CD by B.B. King
2."Chiefs" A documentary about a Native American HS basketball team and their quest to win a state championship.
3. "Robopocalypse" a book by Daniel H. Wilson

I will make sure to post full reviews of these items as I finish them. It is just like me to return one thing to the library and get out three more. I also have been avoiding telling you the item that was late, as to not embarass The Wife and I, but I suppose I will just admit our dorkiness..... it was Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1. We ARE that dorky.

Until next time, live long and prosper.

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